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Buying Instagram followers is becoming increasingly attractive, but not only that, but more and more people are also doing it. Since we have been active in this business since mid-2016, we have been able to experience this increase in customers very well, but it is also known that as an industry grows, so does the number of suppliers and sellers.

Competition famously revives the business, unfortunately not in this gray-zone business. Here almost every provider is looking for fast money, but you realize that already after losing the right of withdrawal and the money is gone. With us you also lose the right to cancel with the acceptance of the general terms and conditions, but we are looking for satisfied and returning customers, so if you are dissatisfied with the delivery we are definitely ready to find a solution together with you.

The quality of the followers, which you can buy from us, is the best compared to the competition. Almost no profiles without a profile picture, Arabian accounts are very rare and overall they are mainly European profiles. We are honest with them, whoever looks closely will suspect that these accounts did not follow them 100% out of their own interest, but we can assure them that we are constantly working on the quality and on our service to make it even better.

Regarding the delivery and processing time, we are also at the forefront. On average, you get your followers within 24 hours, unfortunately we can not guarantee them as there may be some delays, such as: if her profile is private. In the terms and conditions is written 1-4 days, this indication is a mere precaution in the event of problems occurring. When paying by invoice or direct debit via Paypal, we can not guarantee direct delivery because there may be delays on the part of the payment provider. Generally we recommend you to pay with IMMEDIATELY (banking), Paypal (existing credit) or credit card, through this kind of payment we have direct access to the money and can process your order immediately.

If you have any questions, wishes or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you or work out a suitable offer for you.

Instagram is an application for smartphones which was first released in 2010 and was later acquired by Facebook. The company was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who both graduated from Stanford University. Users, who are at least 13 years of age are allowed to use the Instagram app.

The purpose of Instagram is to offer a social media service to its users through image and video sharing and, lately, also the possibility to share a „story“ with one’s followers. The story sharing idea was first invented by Snapchat, another social media app. Although the main purpose of Instagram is to post pictures for others to see, one original key feature is the possibility to edit pictures with filters and other effects. Furthermore, pictures can be tagged with hashtags, which can then be used to search the network for other content under the same hashtag.

Although it is possible to create dedicated Instagram profiles, one can also connect Instagram to an existing social media account, such as Facebook or Twitter. Through Instagram Direct, content can be shared with other users of Instagram or also a group of users. Also, a messaging function is included in the app, which allows basic chat activities. As mentioned above, Instagram introduced the feature of „Stories“, which allow a user to combine a series of posts into said story. This story will disappear from the news feed within 24 hours and works as its role model from Snapchat. The more users follow a certain profile, the larger the reach of the profile becomes. Through double-tapping a picture it is being „liked“ and will appear on the liking person’s friends‘ news feed for them to see. Hence, the social network is created and interests are being shared among friends and followers.


Influencers use opinion leaders with a high reach community for marketing and communication purposes. The aim is to increase the value and credibility of your brand message based on the confidence of the respective target group in the influencers.

Influencer Marketing is all about attracting brand or product advocates who are in demand as experts in specific areas. Influencers can thus exert influence on the evaluation and assessment of products, services, brands, companies or employers, for example.

As a result of this influence on consumer decisions, a large proportion of German companies already use influencers to spread their brand messages. Another reason for the interest of the companies is that the range of some Instagram stars is enormously high, as follower figures in the multi-digit million range show. However, the obvious influence of classical influencers with high followers is already evident in so-called micro influencers with up to 30,000 followers. The reasons for this are that some of them have higher campaign engagement rates and, above all, are more cost effective for companies.

Through the development of Instagram over the years and the constantly growing user base approaching the one billion mark, marketers have recognized the marketing potential that is coming with the success of single users on Instagram, who have millions of users following them. The commercialization concept behind social media marketing is called influencer marketing, because the persons posting to their broad follower base have a much higher degree of influence to their followers and, hence, the advertisement is much better targeted at the potential customer segment already. This makes marketing expenditures much more efficient since no resources are lost for marketing measures that target a broad audience, hence, also persons who are not potential customers. Following, the conversion rate for highly targeted marketing measures through influencer marketing is a lot higher, creating more revenue from the equal resource expenditures.


How to get first followers on Instagram?

If you are new to Instagram, you will of course try to build organic reach first. So post something classic and then hope that the photo gets many likes and comments. The classic ways to reach more followers are as follows:

Content is king, in this case photos. When an impressive photo is uploaded, it is automatically clicked by followers. Minimalist images and unusual perspectives are just two of the many ways for successful Instagram photos.

Hashtags: in no other social network are hashtags as important as on Instagram. With the right words, one can automatically increase the reach.

The right time for a post: Early in the morning or late at night? During the week or on weekends? The right time to post content is often underestimated. Many instagramers swear by the late afternoon and evening.

Like and consequences: accounts that might be interested in your content and offers. Liking and commenting on the photos of other profiles also helps.

Influencer Marketing: as already mentioned, a few Instagram Influencers at the beginning. Influencer Marketing can also draw attention to your Instagram profile. High reach Instagram users then promote your product or refer to your account. However, it is questionable how many new followers this strategy will bring you in the long term.

However, all these methods have two major disadvantages: they are extremely time-consuming and one only gets new followers very slowly. It can take years to reach a significant number of subscribers to an account.

Buy Instagram Followers and accelerate growth

It’s always about perception. Many people look at the number of followers first when considering whether they should follow a particular account. This is a common measure of how brands measure the success of their instagram activities. Have you thought about buying Instagram followers yourself? Then maybe that’s because you want to quickly win 1,000 followers to get the ball rolling. And maybe you are considering that these fake followers will inspire real people to deal with your brand. It is all very well to officially bet on quality instead of quantity – but many people judge an Instagram account by its number of followers. It’s also easy and affordable to buy Instagram followers, as explained in the next part:

An alternative to the tedious collection of organic likes and followers are purchased followers. If one wants to quickly increase the number of followers in a short time in order to achieve more range, then one should think about buying Likes. And one doesn’t have to worry that the account will be blocked or deleted.

Followers for sale are usually registered in exchange networks and receive a consideration for their subscriptions. One can get 100 followers for a few Euros. If one has purchased followers, the order is normally processed with a few hours or days and the Instagram profile will receive the desired number of followers.

One will benefit from this decision in the long term. Because with purchased Followers one can increase the range of an Instagram account considerably in a short time. The more people follow the account or company, the more attractive the profile will be (provided, of course, that appealing content is posted regularly). Once one hasreached a certain number of followers, the number of fans continues to grow automatically. Posts will then also receive more likes. And thanks to the higher visibility, the conversion rate also improves. If one wants to increase the engagement rate of posts even further, then one should also buy likes in addition of followers.

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